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About A-Tech Security

Welcome to A-Tech! We specialize in designing innovative solutions that give you the best solutions to your security matters. In these uncertain times, security has become a major concern. Security has implications in every major business area, particularly Retail, Property, Finance and the Public Sector.

A-tech Security specializes in creating reliable security systems that include close circuit television system, security door control, card access control and alarm monitoring solutions to every business.

A-tech Security has been providing card access closed circuit television and security door solutions for an impressive array of businesses and organizations for over 21 years.

Our Strength

Knowing where we’re going…The first step to reaching a goal is knowing what you’re trying to achieve. At A-tech Security our purpose is to provide innovative technology solutions to our valuable customers. After discovering where we can help you in your security niche, your security plans, our next step is actually getting you there. When it comes to picking the right path, there’s no substitute for experience.

A-tech Security, we have a team of expertise and with our real-world experience, we are able to assist our customers in bringing their requirement come true. In other words we don’t just get you started on the right path, we help you to reach the end result ahead of your expectation.

Our Experience

Through years of experiences, we have established a wide customer’s base throughout the region, namely from Johore, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Penang, Kuching, Miri, Cambodia, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hague, India and Jakarta. 

Having the best tools for the job…A-tech Security integrated designs are just the right Choice to make a good system better.

Take a look at how we have resolved security issues for the following organisations, then contact us to see how we could do the same for your business.